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Yngwie Malmsteen To Release Art Collection Built From Guitar Performance


Yngwie-2015-2Rare is the kid who first picked up a guitar over the last three decades who wasn’t influenced in some way by Yngwie Malmsteen, the Swedish-born guitarist whose virtuosic, neo-classical reinvention of the form landed him on Time’s list of the ten best electric guitar players of all time. So now that Los Angeles-based creativity house SceneFour has decided to reinvent art once more after the success of their rhythm-on-canvas collections, it is only fitting that Yngwie Malmsteen is the flagship artist for a new collection set for release on June 18, 2015, which utilizes a light-based process to craft a limited number of completely unique fine art pieces that literally crystallize Malmsteen’s fretwork on canvas.

Citing classical composers Niccolo Paganini, Bach and Vivaldi as equal influences, Malmsteen received his first guitar at the tender age of 5 years old and started to composing and record his own material at a very early age.Yngwie Malmsteen was also the very first artist to have Fender release a signature model Stratocaster soon to be followed by Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Yngwie was recently inducted into the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame, won composer of the year from the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, and his handprints are in cement on Hollywood’s Rock Walk. Malmsteen and SceneFour spent the last year working in Miami and Los Angeles to develop and craft the seven works in the collection. All pieces are numbered and individually signed by Malmsteen.

SceneFour’s release with Malmsteen is the first full scale release since their massively successful rhythm-on-canvas series, which introduced their groundbreaking method of building abstract artwork through capturing rhythm with 20 iconic drummers such as Bill Ward, Carl Palmer, Rick Allen, Terry Bozzio, Mickey Hart, Dave Lombardo, Steven Adler and Jose Pasillas. SceneFour’s brand of art is often referred to as “arena art” as a result of the unprecedented number of patrons that attend gallery showings of the work, which is quickly making them the fasting selling art team in the United States, boasting a collector base that spans the globe. SceneFour has also released fine art collaborations with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Bootsy Collins, to name just a few.

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Yngwie Malmsteen to unveil his art built from guitar collection

From AXS

To many, Yngwie Malmsteen is a musical genius. A maestro in his own right, a musician who creates art with his guitar, figuratively speaking, of course. But starting on June 18, the description of Malmsteen as an artist is going to be a literal one as well.

With the help of SceneFour, a Los Angeles based visual art team led by artist Ravi Dosaj with conceptual artist Cory Danziger, SceneFour is a creativity house that produces fine art collaborations with music visionaries. In their short albeit ample, four-year history, SceneFour has partnered with some pretty notable musicians on art collaborations, the likes of Chuck D, Bootsy Collins, Helmet, and more, the team also unveiled an ongoing “rhythm on canvas” series featuring master drummers like Matt Sorum of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver, Stephen Perkins of Janes Addiction, Jose Pasillas of Incubus, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, Steve Smith of Journey, Will Calhoun of Living Colour, Dave Lombardo of Philm (and formerly Slayer), and others

Malmsteen’s art and his participation in this collaboration is being hailed as a monumental, pioneering effort. His art collection built from guitar performance is said to be creating a whole new medium of art that is “abstract, vivid and highly limited,” per the Yngwie Malmsteen Art website, where fans can sign up for a mailing list that will offer more information on the artwork as well as a glimpse of the collection before the official, public release. Highly limited, and probably highly expensive, as most art is – but if inspired by Malmsteen’s own gifted method of creation, it’s sure to be quite special, if not stunning.

In addition to his fine art collection debut, Malmsteen is also currently working on a new album. The forthcoming release will be his twentieth studio record, and a follow-up to his 2012 release Spellbound. In a recent interview with 3D Radio out of Australia, Malmsteen confirmed the effort in the making by saying: “Well, it’s changed somewhat because [I have] my [own] recording studio now. And it’s in my house. And it’s not like a home studio; it’s a full-blown studio. And it’s in here. And I go in here and I see what happens. If I like what I hear, then I use it. If I don’t like it, I don’t use it. And in the past, I used to do demos. I would do demos, and rehearse it with the band and you rent the studio and go in and record it and so forth. It was a very different process because by the time it was actually recorded, it had gone through so many stages that the spontaneity was gone. Now, it’s here now; it’s here now. And it’s a lovely thing.”

If Malmsteen lovers need something to hold them over until the new album is released unto the metal world, they can check out one, or both, of his recent live products. A live CD entitled Spellbound Live In Tampa corresponded with a live DVD, Spellbound Live In Orlando, represented back-to-back Malmsteen concerts, and were released in September 2014. Both concert recordings reveal just how dynamic of a guitarist, musician, and performer Malmsteen is – still giving his all at every concert – and melting the faces off of everyone in view.

And as if the promise of a new Yngwie Malmsteen album isn’t exciting enough, the hope of a tour to follow is pretty dreamy as well. Stay tuned to AXS for more information on Malmsteen’s art and new album, as it becomes available.